Hostal Zapato Amarillo
Ruta U-55 Km 2,5 La Gruta
Puerto Octay, Los Lagos Region, Chile
+56 64 221 07 87
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Welcome to Zapato Amarillo Lodge Bed and Breakfast!

The Bed and Breakfast Family Hostel with the legendary green rooves, surrounded by country scenery of enchanting beauty . Here the traveller will find a welcoming place where one can relax, enjoying a delicious breakfast with other guests, for instance, muesli, dairy products, jams, home­made bread, etc., at the same time providing a panorama of the Osorno volcano, as a back­drop.

This comfortable, country hostal run by a Swiss-Chilean family, offers a warm and welcoming infrastructure, designed in local wood, dominating the natural surrounding beauty with its grass roofs.

We provide double and matrimonial beds with private or shared bathroom, and an original octagonal dormitory for 7 people, with panoramic views.
We offer dinner daily to whoever would like to try out our specialities, which are characterized by cooking on low heat. We also offer a kitchenette for exclusive use of guests in the communal area, and, in order to enjoy the open air: terraces, ample gardens, and spaces, containing lavender, rhododendrons and hydrangeas, surrounded by meadows and nearby woodland.

For those who enjoy a quiet day, or an intense day exploring the environs, we also offer an invitation to discover, and become captivated by our gastronomic treats. We offer various Chilean specialities, such as baked salmon, pastel de choclo (corn pie), various vegetarian dishes, or dishes based on cheese, such as Swiss fondue or raclette. These are some of the most popular dishes at dinner.

We, Nadia and Armin invite you to come and discover this exceptional part of Chile.

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